Adina Watches are leaders in the Australian watchmaking industry. Australian owned and operated, Adina produce high end durable timepieces, each assembled completely by hand. With each watch built to last a lifetime, Adina is working tirelessly to handcraft timepieces for retail customers and bespoke for Australian corporations alike. Custom, Bespoke designs create character and a strong sense of exclusivity. From a tailor made 3-piece suit, to a hand-crafted pair of leather shoes, nothing is more satisfying than the feeling of knowing that what you’re wearing was custom made specifically for you.

The Brisbane based Adina Watches was commissioned by Australia’s largest rail freight company, Aurizon, to tailor make a watch designed to thank their committed employees. Adina epitomises quality and durability, and these bespoke designs are a glorious culmination of our design and watch expertise.

Each watch was made to recognise 20 years of service, for both men and women, working at Aurizon. For this collaboration, the Adina Oceaneer was the clear choice of design. Made durable enough to be worn every day, the Adina Oceaneer is powered by an automatic movement, housed in a marine-grade stainless steel case with a highly scratch-resistant domed sapphire crystal face. The dial, hands and bracelet incorporate sophisticated yet subtle detailing which reflect the railways-a fitting thank you from Australia’s biggest rail freight company. The see-through back is engraved with the commencement date of the employees, and for an extra addition the watch dials were highlighted by a subtle Aurizon branding as well as symbols relating it back to the railways.  AZJ-02-Aurizon

The crowning achievement however in this collaboration is for the employees that have reached 40 years of service. With a nod to yesteryear, Adina’s designers created a unique commemoration of this auspicious mile stone-a hunter-style pocket watch. This mechanical watch has a luxurious gold finish featuring the Aurizon logo etched into the lid. The clear glass back showcases the mechanical movement within and the eye is drawn to the blued screws that provide a modern, unexpected twist. This is a truly mesmerizing timepiece of high prestige.

Aurizon’s goal was to make a gift that both celebrates the recipients’ loyalty and the company’s commitment to their employees. Both timepieces by Adina are distinguished hand crafted designs that bring Aurizon’s goal into a reality.

AZJ-02-Aurizon-BackcaseAdina Watches is proud to collaborate with companies like Aurizon to form lasting memories for their employees in the form of quality, bespoke designed watches that are produced in Australia. Corporate clients can commission a limited edition watch with their choice of case design, bracelet (watch band), dial, hands, movement (quartz or mechanical) and colour. Second generation family member Grant Menzies, son of the Adina Watches founder can share more about what Adina can do in the form of collaboration with your company.

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