Heading back to school can be a nervous time for all, especially if your beloved is making the jump to high school. Worry not, could this not be time for celebration! A milestone to remember?! A new watch could be just the tonic to steady those nerves and be a worn talisman on the road to adulthood.

This prompts the question what watch is perfect for a twelve going on twenty-one-year-old school goer that lives in tech land, has everything and is acutely aware of what the kid down the road is doing? When faced with the big questions I have always, well panicked! Just kidding I go back the age-old advice doled out by my Mum. “Quality never goes out of style”.

Although school for me seems a very long time ago I still remember the pressure of not wanting to stand out but needing to stand out enough not be left out! What a balancing act.

A watch that fits the bill in this situation is understated and classical, nothing too ostentatious. It must mark the occasion that this is. An all steel finish for boys will give a masculine sporty look whilst for girls that same steel finish will give her the room to develop her own style. Remember they are growing so what may appear a little big will so be just right, negating the need to keep buying new watches.

Adina Oceaneer sports watch CM56 S2XB

Adina Oceaneer sports watch CM56 S2XB

The Adina Oceaneer is the perfect choice. It is 100m water resistant so is able to be worn continually giving minimal opportunities to be lost or stolen. Being all stainless with a sapphire glass can be treated pretty harshly and being Adina if they ever did manage to break it, we can repair it! Not to mention the very practical attributes of a reliable watch. The life skill of being punctual, catching the train, getting to class on time and arriving home on time for that matter!  An Adina Oceaneer is an investment into your child’s future.

Make sure you engrave it, as a testament to its importance and I feel certain when he or she is going out the school gate for the last time, heading off into the big wide world their Adina Oceaneer will still have pride of place on their wrist.