Bob & Grant Menzies

Bob Menzies is the founder and Managing Director of Adina. Bob completed an apprenticeship in watchmaking before launching Adina (initially known as Rolma Watches) in 1973. More than forty years later, Bob remains at the helm of Adina, focused on its future.

Grant Menzies is the General Manager of Adina, and son of company founder, Bob Menzies. Grant is extensively involved in the design of every new Adina watch and works closely with international manufacturers to ensure all Adina watch components meet strict quality standards. Grant also manages the wholesale distribution of Adina watches to independent Australian jewellery stores, as well as providing training and support to these retail partners.

Jason Valanoti

Jason is the Foreman of Adina’s repair workshop, and has worked with Adina for thirteen years. He began his career as an apprentice at Hepworth’s Jewellers in Cairns, gaining an understanding of the jewellery industry from the retailer’s’ perspective. With his extensive experience and qualification, Jason upholds Adina’s strong commitment to customer service and after-sales support.

Alan Mains

Alan is responsible for quality control at Adina’s production workshop. Under the expert guidance of founder Bob Menzies, Alan has become custodian of the legendary quality guidelines that are the foundation of the Adina business. Alan undertook his apprenticeship in New Zealand, and has worked at Adina for more than ten years.

Cameron Jennings

Cameron is now the Head of Production, after starting work as an apprentice at Adina more than sixteen years ago. His sharp eye for detail and functionality make Cameron an invaluable collaborator in the design of every new Adina watch.

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