Adina Women's Dress Bracelet Watch

Adina Flaire

Iconic Australian Women’s Bracelet Watch

Adina Watches’ Women’s Flaire Bracelet Watches is elegance rediscovered.

Women’s Flaire bracelet watch collection by Adina Watches, a cherished creation of our 52-year-old family-owned Australian watch manufacturing tradition. Flaire epitomises Australian bracelet watch style, known for its charm and elegance. These watches are reliable through their Swiss Made movements and cold-stamped steel cases as standard features, making them the perfect accessory for any occasion.

The Flaire Experience:

  • Australian Craftsmanship: Adina’s unwavering commitment to quality and tradition is woven into every Flaire bracelet watch. Handcrafted in our Brisbane workshop by skilled watchmakers and their apprentices, these watches reflect the very essence of Australian craftsmanship.
  • Elegant Design: With a design that celebrates charm and grace, Flaire Adina watches are your ultimate choice for a bracelet watch. They effortlessly complement your personal style, whether it’s for a casual outing or a special occasion.
  • Swiss Precision: Experience the precision and reliability of Swiss Made movements that ensure your timepiece remains accurate and dependable.
  • Everyday Elegance: Flaire has earned its place as Australia’s favorite bracelet watch, trusted by women across the country. It’s the perfect accessory to enhance your daily look.
  • 30m Water Resistance: Flaire Adina watches are designed to accompany you throughout your day. With a 30-meter water-resistant rating, they’re perfect for daily wear; just remember to remove them before diving into the pool or taking a shower.
  • Your Choice to Shop: At Adina Watches, we respect your preferences. Choose to shop in-store to experience our watches up close, or enjoy the convenience of online shopping from the comfort of your home.

Why Choose Adina Flaire Watches:

  • Heritage: With over five decades of watchmaking expertise, Adina has earned a reputation for excellence and elegance. The Flaire collection carries forward this legacy with pride.
  • Elegance: Flaire bracelet watches celebrate the charm and grace of Australian women. They’re the perfect choice for those who appreciate elegance in every aspect of life.
  • Style: Beyond their elegant exterior, Flaire watches are a reflection of your impeccable taste and sophistication, showcasing your commitment to quality in every detail.
  • Supporting Local Craftsmanship: By choosing Flaire, you’re supporting Australian craftsmanship and heritage, reinforcing our dedication to quality.

Explore the Women’s Flaire Collection:

  • Bracelet Watches: Discover a wide selection of Flaire bracelet watches that elevate your style and add a touch of elegance to your everyday life.
  • Occasion Watches: For special events or a night out, explore our range of Flaire watches designed to make you stand out and shine.

Elevate Your Elegance:

Are you ready to elevate your style with a bracelet watch that exudes charm and grace? Explore our Adina Flaire collection today to find the perfect watch that complements your elegance and showcases your dedication to quality craftsmanship. Whether you prefer to shop online or visit one of our trusted retailers, Adina Watches is here to help you discover the essence of Flaire—a collection that blends elegance, precision, and Australian craftsmanship, proudly handcrafted in the heart of Brisbane


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