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It’s hard not to be impressed by the quality and construction of an Adina watch. From country to city to coast, Adina customers trust that their watch will last a lifetime. It’s no surprise that many of our loyal Adina customers now boast an Adina for every occasion.

“My Adina has done 1500+ dives, followed me around the world from the jungles of Vietnam to the top of the Swiss Alps and spent countless hours in un-pressurized aircraft and hasn’t missed a beat. Superb time piece.” Ben, via Facebook

“My parents gave me my first Adina watch in 1980 for Christmas (somewhere on holidays in the old Kabana caravan) when I was 11 years old. I wore this thing for most of my life since then. I also have a country master that I bought 15 – 20 years ago, The country master just keeps on keeping on and never lets me down. I wear it every day.” Robert via email

“I’ve never been so pleased with an item as I am with my Adina Countrymaster. Shows that Australian made still means quality.” Michael, via Facebook

” Adina clocks are my go-to wedding gift, both practical and beautiful. The fact that they are designed right here in Brisbane make them all the more special.” Nichole, via email

” My husband gave me an Adina watch for my 30th birthday and i was instantly in love! Diamond set-gorgeous! Five years later and I still smile every time I put my watch on.” Jennifer, via email

“I thought that you might like to know that when I was in USA recently a young well-dressed man approached me and asked what brand of watch I was wearing. He was impressed with the style and appearance.” Peter via email


“I’ve got two Adina watches now, and I get lots of comments on good they look. I wear them everywhere, whether I am at a conference, or out for a mountain bike ride!” Ray via email


“I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic service that you provided. I received my repaired watch, which is more like a brand new one straight out of the packet rather than my old worn and buggered one. Apart from the great watch, I am honestly bursting with pride that an Aussie company has shown such high level of quality in their product and service. Fantastic!” Gerry via email

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