About us – Adina Watches. Today the business has grown from one dedicated man to a team of sixteen, including Bob’s son Grant, building the craft of quality Australian watchmaking through the generations. This highly specialized team includes five watchmakers, a clockmaker and four apprentices. Each year Adina produces over 30,000 artisan watches from its Brisbane factory, available in over 300 retail outlets across Australia and New Zealand, online and via corporate contracts for service awards.

Through quality craftsmanship and evolving design, Adina has made a history of specialising in limited release watch collections. The brand remains a stronghold in regional Australia, where Adina watches are trusted to endure the outback’s harsh conditions. Their classic, lifestyle and contemporary fashion watches, for everything from a red carpet event to surfing on our world famous beaches, feature this same dependable and superior technology.

From the unassuming workshops of the factory, where the watchmakers carefully construct the timepieces, Adina remains a company founded on integrity and dependability. Forging into the future, Adina continues to set the standard in design and technological innovation, while remaining true to its Brisbane roots. Join the journey when you find out more about us – Adina Watches.

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