Watch Care

Bob Menzies CEO

There are some simple precautions you can take to protect your Adina watch from damage:

• When your watch battery is flat, have the battery changed promptly to avoid any battery leakage in the watch.

• Avoid placing your quartz watch near magnets. Be particularly aware of magnetic mattresses, medical wristbands and welders.

• Rinse your watch in fresh water after swimming in the ocean, turning the bezel (the ring around the watch face) at the same time.

• Ensure your screw crown is always done up. Never undo it underwater.

• Chronograph pushers should not be used underwater.

• Shorten your watch bracelet to the correct length to protect it from excessive wear.

• Avoid wearing bangles or bracelets near your watch to help protect the plating.

• Avoid spraying perfume on your watch.

• Store your watch away from direct sunlight. Excessive sun exposure can damage the watch luminosity and seals.


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