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Adina Nurse

Iconic Australian Nurse Work Watch

Iconic Australian Adina Nurse watch is specially designed for the hard-working Australian nurse and are able to withstand the rigours of even the toughest day on the job. Each watch is designed and assembled by hand in Australia by a qualified watchmaker, so you can rest assured you are purchasing a nurse watch of the highest quality and craftsmanship.

Where would we be without nurses? They do so much more than just physically care for sick patients. Their presence can transform lives. Nursing is a highly trusted and essential profession, and nurses are often seen as the heart and soul of the healthcare system. While nursing is a very rewarding career, it can also be a challenging and confronting profession. The hope is an iconic Australian Adina nurse watch will work to make the life of a nurse just that little bit easier.

The human history of nursing is encapsulated in the traditional nurse’s fob watch, a style of watch that has been around for decades. Because a nurse’s job is extremely dependent on organisation, a nurse’s watch enabled a nurse to be constantly aware of time and task, with the very practical feature of not needing hands to use the watch.

Wrist watches for nurses had the disadvantages of becoming a source of infection and potentially causing injury to the patient. Nurse watches allow nurses to track and record patient vital signs accurately, administer medication at correct time intervals, and generate accurate time and data records for documentation and lab charting.

While a nurse watch has many practical and functional purposes, it also offers a sense of sophistication and style to a nurse’s uniform. The iconic Australian Adina nurse watch offer a high level of beauty and class. In tones of gold, silver or rose gold, there is a model that will suit the taste of almost every nurse and even add that “touch of class” to the working uniform.

Adina is the Aboriginal word for ‘very good’, and when you purchase an Adina nurse watch, you can be sure that ‘very good’ is what you’ll be getting. With a unique combination of quality, construction and artistry, Adina nurse watches are crafted by experts to the highest standards, that with the right care, will last a lifetime.

The Adina philosophy combines local craftsmanship, world-class components and advanced technology and every Adina watch features superior and dependable Swiss technology and attention to detail.

Adina nurse watches feature custom craftsmanship and specific design, the latest technology and premium materials. Each nurse watch is manufactured from premium stainless steel and features a mineral crystal (rated 6 out of 10 on the scale of hardness), so you’ll never need to worry about any knocks and bumps you encounter during a working day. Adina’s nurse watches are plated with the technically advanced ionic plating, which will ensure your watch looks pristine for many years to come. The use of premium Japanese watch batteries can give up to three years’ service before needing replacement.

Swiss-made, fully repairable movements feature in the iconic Australian Adina nurse watch so we have the ability to service worn or damaged parts, rather than replace the entire movement. Adina nurse watches utilise the highest grade, nickel-free stainless steel and are manufactured through a process called “cold stamping”.

A nurse’s job often involves contact with water and liquids, so Adina nurse watches are fitted with a crown which gives solid water protection, enabling you to shower patients without a qualm.

Whether you’re looking for practical features or everyday good looks, you’ll find there is an Adina nurse watch that is just right for you. All of Adina’s nurse watches also come as standard with an engravable stainless-steel nameplate, ensuring your watch will never be misplaced.

An Adina nurse watch is more than just a work tool. Often received when graduating or starting your degree in nursing, it’s truly special, and is designed to last for a lifetime and possibly longer with the right care. Adina nurse watches are of the highest quality and are supported by the qualified watchmakers at Adina, giving your practical and stylish Adina timepiece the potential to become a much-loved heirloom, able to be passed on to future nurses in the family.

Your children and even your grandchildren will be able to keep your nurse watch as a precious piece of family history that will provide a talking point for years to come.

We hope our attention to detain will inspire you as you browse through our collection of nurse watches online. We loved designing and making them and we know you will enjoy using them in your nursing job, as they are backed by impeccable style and quality.

Make the most of your time on the job with Adina nurse watches.


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