Men’s Watches

A handsomely crafted watch is a fashionable and functional addition for any man wanting to make a statement, and will ensure that you are always stylishly on time.

But more than that, the accessories we choose reflect who we are and the way we choose to live. Adina men’s wrist watches do more than merely tell the time – they showcase who you are and reflect your unique point of view. No-one sees the world just as you do; no-one has the same past or present or future. Adina’s watches for men are designed with you – the unique individual – in mind, and your choice of watch and how you choose to wear it says a great deal about you.

A stylish and functional timepiece reflects the very purpose of your life – whether you are going to work, attending a wedding, or participating in a sporting event, you are doing it with a strong sense of purpose.

The things we do reflect our values and what’s important to us – our careers, our families and friends, our sporting and health pursuits. Adina men’s watches are built with a sense of purpose, and will be there for you in all your life’s pursuits. We pay a great deal of attention to the little details so that your watch is backed with quality design, materials and workmanship, and can assist you in fulfilling your goals.

If your goal is to be healthier, we have an extensive range of sports watches which are shock resistant and able to withstand a great deal of wear and tear, and will enable you to monitor your activity, steps, calories and sleep. If your goal is to make a lasting impression, there is an Adina dress watch for every taste, with classic and modern gold and silver-toned timepieces to showcase your class and style.

If you just want to be on time while living your everyday life, our men’s watches can help you, with leather-strapped or metal watches to suit every purpose and attitude. If you want a watch that combines all these properties, we have sports dress watches that will allow you to stay active in style. Whether it’s for daily use or special occasions, Adina has you covered.

Adina is the Aboriginal word for ‘very good’, and when you purchase an Adina men’s watch, you can be sure that ‘very good’ is what you’ll be getting. Adina exemplifies watches that are proudly Australian made, being the only company to design and assemble its complete watch collection right here in Australia.

Your Adina men’s watch is a perfect combination of local craftsmanship, advanced technology and world-class components, to give you a long-lasting and functional timepiece that is able to withstand the rigours of the Australian lifestyle. From a day at the beach, to a day at work, to an intense sporting event, your Adina classic, lifestyle or contemporary fashion watch will see you through with quality craftsmanship and evolving design.

All of Adina’s watches for men are inspired by elements of the urban and natural environment and are painstakingly crafted from hand-drawn sketches. With a unique combination of artistry, quality and construction, Adina men’s watches are crafted by experts to the highest possible standards that will ensure your watch lasts for a lifetime.

Attention to detail is paramount in our philosophy, and all our men’s wrist watches feature superior and dependable technology, so that your watch is one less thing you need to worry about.

Adina men’s watches are created using custom craftsmanship and design, world class materials and the very latest in technology. Every one of our watches features a highly scratch-resistant glass of either solid sapphire crystal (rated 9 out of 10 on the scale of hardness) or a mineral crystal (rated 6 out of 10 on the scale of hardness), so your watch is able to withstand the rough and tumble of life.

Your watch will stay looking pristine for many years to come as all men’s Adina watches are plated with hard gold plating or the technically advanced ionic plating. Adina’s fully repairable movements can be serviced, allowing only the worn or damaged part to be replaced, rather than the whole movement; and the watch batteries in Adina men’s watches can last up to three years before needing replacement.

Adina watches are plated using a nickel-free process and utilise the highest grade, nickel-free stainless steel, so people allergic to nickel can wear them comfortably and confidently. In fact, you can wear your Adina watch almost anywhere – and some can even be worn while swimming or in the shower. Water resistant styles such as Adina Countrymaster, Oceaneer and Amphibian watches can be worn while swimming or showering; and you can wear the Amphibian watches whilst diving.

Whether you’re looking for practical features, sleek sophistication, everyday good looks, or a combination of all the above, you’ll find there is an Adina men’s watch that is perfect for you. We also have corporate customisation options available if you’re looking for a watch that is truly one of a kind.

An Adina men’s watch is truly special, and has been designed and built to last a lifetime – and longer. Australian designed and built, Adina watches are of the highest quality and are backed by Adina’s legendary after sales service team.

Your carefully chosen timepiece will potentially go on to achieve heirloom status, being passed down through generations to come. Your children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy the watch just as you did, as it becomes a treasured and unique piece of family history.

A great watch can be the perfect complement to any outfit, and ought to strike the ideal balance between function and form while proclaiming your style and personality.

You can find an Adina men’s watch for any situation; but whichever one you choose you can rest assured that when you’re sporting an Adina watch, you won’t blend in with the crowd – because the watch you choose uniquely represents YOU, and is backed by impeccable style and quality.

Enjoy browsing through our diverse collection of men’s watches online – and we hope you’ll be just as inspired by them as we are. We’ve gained a great deal of pleasure and pride in designing and making them and we know you’ll love wearing them in whatever pursuit you choose.

Make the most of your time with Adina men’s watches.