As Australia Day approaches we decided to reflect on what it means to be an Australian family business.

To me being an Australian family business is more than just a triangular green kangaroo Australian Made sticker plastered across our watches. It is about a sentiment, a nostalgic sense driven by our need of belonging to this vast and diverse island continent, we call home.

I feel there is an expectation of Australian values from businesses that claim to be Australian and on reflection I have worked out, we are a funny lot.

You know you are truly Australian when you are certain Burger King doesn’t exist it is Hungry Jacks! You know the difference between thongs and G-bangers. You know that stubbies are either shorts or small bottles of beer, a boof head is a random idiot and someone in trouble is in strife and you are liable to burst out laughing whenever you hear Americans rooting for something!

You have the ability to abbreviate every word to end in ‘o’ like servo, arvo, smoko and garbo. Also possessing the ability to compress several words into one, like “g’day and d‘reckn?” allowing more space for profanities. You’ve used the words tops, ripper, sick, mad and sweet to mean good a put “bloody” in front it when you really mean it!

Our Australian family business, Adina Watches was born in March 1971 in the light industrial warehouse district of Woolloongabba Brisbane by watchmaker Bob Menzies. Bob persevered through the initial adversities and commitments that all new Australian businesses go through. I guess that makes him a genuine Aussie battler!

We consider ourselves a down-to-earth family business that reflects the qualities and values that Bob and his family hold dear. Honesty and integrity are held above all else in our business interactions as we continue to endeavour to treat everyone with fairness and respect. This is in a country where we leave our expensive cars on the driveway to lock up our junk and lawn mowers in the garage.

This level of good old Aussie values is not often held by our international competitors. Would they know the name of the chopper pilot in “Skippy”? Would they even know what Skippy was?!

We are proud of our Australian roots and strive to exceed your expectations every time you put on your Adina watch. Especially around this time of year some people pronounce Australia “Strayla” and that’s Ok. So…

Happy Australia Day! Thanks for your support and hope you enjoy a cold one!