Inspiration is a feeling of enthusiasm you get from someone or something, that gives you new and creative ideas. If that is the definition of inspiration then what is it that drives us to keep creating beautiful and functional times pieces here in Australia. It could be argued that the very nature of being Australian is that very inspiration.

 Let me explain, I was over on the stunning Moreton Island with my family during the recent school holidays. Laying in the sparkling shallows off Yellow Patch, at the northern end of the island I glanced at the time on my Adina automatic Amphibian. It occurred to me that for the past 50 years we had been making watches that could do, what we do! 

Whether we worked out west on a farm, on a building site or in an office. Whether we take our holidays, driving across our vast continent or skiing in the Australian high country. Soaking up the sun along our stunning coast line or like us were roughing it over on Moreton Island. It dawned on me that Australians everywhere relied on us to create watches that get the job done.

That need for a watch to get the job done brings us to the nuts and bolts of bringing an Adina watch to life. It must be reliable and if it were to break down or get broken it must be repairable. There it is in a nut shell why we use Swiss Made movements and carry all our spare on hand. 

Our watches must be robust yet look fantastic, all the while feeling amazing to wear. Cold stamped premium stainless steel is the material that we use to protect and ensure the water resistance of our watch in tandem with highly scratch resistant sapphire crystals.

An Adina is not just a watch, made from the said components. At the heart of each them, is our talented and highly skilled team that design, build and repair them which ensure anybody who owns one feels part of something special. A community that have chosen an Adina to be part of their world.

Back to my Amphibian submersed in the crystal-clear water, the pride of what we do makes me extremely happy but it is from where I stand the inspiration of being Australian that brings them to life! 

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