Watchmaking. A Core Value of Adina Watches. In Australia as in almost all countries, family-owned companies are the backbone of the economy. Family businesses face complex challenges. Most family-owned companies struggle to survive beyond a single generation. 

Worldwide, only 1 out of 3 family businesses makes the transition successfully from the one generation to the next. Adina Watches this year is celebrating their 50th year anniversary. So what’s the secret? Probably maintaining the core family values of the business and respecting the legacy of our founder Bob Menzies.

But is this the only reason for maintaining the business up and running for over five decades?

Well, we believe that the training of the apprentices is one of our core values. This core value is at the heart of everything we do at Adina Watches. Without our watchmakers we don’t have a watchmaking business. That’s why we want our employees to become more effective skilled workers, engaged team players, and fully trained watchmakers that share our passion. 

Our watchmaking techniques are learned through decades of experience and knowledge passed down from watchmaker to watchmaker. Usually our apprentices join us in their late teens. Our youngest ever was just 14 year old, and our eldest 27. They all have been taught techniques, skills and secrets. Which gives further weight to watchmaking. A Core Value of Adina Watches.

It takes a certain type of person to join the small but select ranks of the world’s watchmakers. Most certainly not a job just anyone can do, it requires both a very specific list of personal attributes as well as a huge amount of training. Just lately two new recruits have joined the ranks with the dream of becoming an Adina watchmaking apprentice. Nowadays a watchmaking apprenticeship is highly sort after with the communities growing interest in the traditional analog watch sector.

The outbreak of the Covid-19 in Australia created a renewed interest in Australian made and owned brands. Many Australians have been approaching us with the real desire of supporting our family business. This new socio-economic scenario has given us the ability to give this apprenticeship opportunity to these two young men.

Welcome to our team, and all the best!

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