Adina Watches Celebrates 50 Years of Australian Watchmaking. It is exciting as Adina is a brand known all over the world and whilst they remain one of Australia’s best loved brands, it is important to remember that, despite their ongoing success, they have always remained true to their roots and, in the year of their 50th anniversary, still produce their watches in the same way it has always been since 1971.

With half a century of high quality wrist watches making heritage, it is clear that Bob Menzies (Adina’s founder) and his son Grant Menzies (General Manager) are definitely doing something right. Maybe it’s because their passion combines world-class technology with local craftsmanship to produce our iconic timepieces.

When you do something well there is little point in changing things and that’s why Adina Watches continue to be made at their workshops in Brisbane (Australia), where their watchmakers handcraft each timepiece.

This attention to detail and culture of hard work remains at the core of Adina’s business today. Adina now remains with unicorn status, designing and assembling its complete watch collection in Australia.

The calibre of the watches from Adina is unique and this is testament to their continued success and admiration from the horology lovers all around the world. It’s rare to find a brand which stays true to its traditions, particularly in an age where corners are cut, but Bob and Grant Menzies have done exactly that by maintaining the techniques in the production of their expanding range of watches.

Bob Menzies (Adina's founder) and son Grant (General Manager) celebrate Adina Watches in the Australia Family Business community.

Bob Menzies (Adina’s founder) and son Grant (General Manager) celebrate Adina Watches in the Australia Family Business community.

Through quality craftsmanship and evolving design, Adina has made a history of specialising in limited release watch collections. The brand remains a stronghold in regional Australia, where Adina watches are trusted to endure the outback’s harsh conditions. Their classic, lifestyle and contemporary fashion watches, for everything from a red carpet event to surfing the big blue, feature this same dependable and superior technology.

It’s reassuring to know that Bob and Grant have managed to maintain this success by staying true to their values as Adina Watches Celebrates 50 Years. Of all the brands within the world of watchmaking, it goes without saying that Adina Watches will be at the forefront of most Australians’ thinking and this level of recognition is thoroughly deserved given just how dedicated the brand is to keeping the way in which their watches are made.

Crafting something that will endure for over 50 years takes time and character. You’ll find plenty of both in the Australian people and history that make Adina Watches’.