Just over four years ago an Adina watch was on the summit of Everest. With the world returning to some sort of normality after facing its own “Everest”, us here at Adina in our 50th year continue to put our best foot forward in search of our own new heights.

I am proud amide the tough trading conditions of our financial year end result. And it is the Australian public who we have to thank for that. Their support for our Australian family business cannot be understated and if the last few weeks are any indication, it has become very noticeable that every level of government is very keen to work alongside the Australian manufacturing sector. Our sovereign capabilities are under fire and there is energy to see that change and quickly.

In such an environment it comes as no surprise that new research released by the Australian Made Campaign shows consumer sentiment has skyrocketed to support local products to the tune of 94 per cent.

Adina is just one of the 86,000 Australian small businesses manufacturing here, with help from their loyal customer base.

The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, Bruce Billson, said it’s great news to see such a wave of support for Australian Made products, which in turn helps our small and family enterprises to flourish. “While small businesses have faced more than their fair share of challenges in the past 12 months, the consumer-led rush for Australian-made products has been greatly welcomed,” Mr Billson said.

The success of the first-ever Australian Made Week in late May was a timely reminder to shoppers to keep up the trend.

“Roy Morgan research estimates if every household spent an extra $10 per week on Australian Made products, an additional $5 billion would be generated in our economy over the year, creating 11,000 new jobs,” Mr Billson said.

Australia Made chief executive Ben Lazzaro said Australian Made Week is to celebrate and support local makers and growers, and we need to all get on board whenever we can.

“It’s an opportunity to focus on the benefits of buying local and highlight that when you buy Australian Made, you have a direct economic impact on the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Australians throughout the supply chain,” Mr Lazzaro said.

“Even making a small change in your weekly shopping can create a huge difference for local businesses.”

There are so many incredible Australian businesses, many of them family businesses out there doing wonderful things. If you were ever going to support them there is no better time than now. If you need any more encouragement have a look at these statistics. Family businesses make up 70% of all Australian businesses and employs 50% of the Australian workforce.

Our #adinaadorers customers are regularly sharing their stories with us via social media platforms. It keeps us very connected to the ‘why and how’ we make the watches we are so proud of. When people choose to buy one of our watches they do know that buying from small businesses means they are helping to build our own community and create job security within them.

Our family has been producing watches here in Brisbane since 1971. Thank you for supporting us.

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