In retrospect Adina’s 2022, was a year of with a great deal of uncertainty with rising costs of living pressures amid the lifting of many COVID related restrictions, we are thankful and very grateful of the continued support the Australian public has given us.

We feel strongly their desire to see an Australian family business that manufactures here in Brisbane not only continue to grow but one to be celebrated. In an era of disposability, the nature of a business being sustainable is now very much in fashion. The great thing we have not really had to change at all, with many of our core functions being very sustainable.

We also think the public’s belief in our desire train the next generation of watchmakers through our apprenticeship program is to be applauded. We currently have four apprentices including our first female apprentice, which is exciting!

It is humbling to have also been invited to participate in several forums from sitting on the Brisbane City Council round table for SMEs as well as a participating in a smart project in collaboration with a number of other local manufacturing businesses with the goal to improve our collective capabilities.

Adina’s 2022 also saw the opening of the Adina boutique where both our retailers and consumers can experience firsthand, full immersion into the world of Adina. Through being able to witness how our watches are made. Some of the first to enjoy the experience were members of the family business community and our local business connections with special guests our local member Fiona Cunningham and the Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner!

The year, also saw our second year as the timer of the famous blue water classic the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht race, with Ichyban taking home the silverware and of course for each of the crew one of our special edition watches for their trouble.

We have released several new models including some innovation in our work watch sector and spectacularly new diamond set models. Just to highlight a couple.

These are just the tip of the Adina iceberg that was 2022! None of it would have been made possible without the dedicated team that is behind each and every single Adina watch. I can only praise them for their efforts, skill and dedication. With that both Dad and I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to your continued support in 2023.