Introducing The New Adina Diamond Set Kensington Dress Watches

The year 2000, as far 12 months go, was a bit of a big noter. Aside from being the start of a new millennium, Australia hosted the Olympics and here at Adina we released our first diamond set watches. The WT16 and WT17.

Since then we have produced another 10 different diamond set models. On reflection our favourite and our most successful (possibly why it is our favourite) was the flat and rectangular 200217. It was sophisticated and elegant yet we always felt we could create something that was “next level” on both fronts. Enter our latest diamond set creations affectionately nicknamed Estella (meaning bright star) and Audrey (as movie star) for our founders’ granddaughters! Let us visit each in detail and see if we can agree that these are our best yet. It is clear as a Moreton Bay morning, that we have once again strived for functionality, but does the rest of the watch live up its predecessors? Let us take a closer look.

Our DNA dictates that we ensure every watch we produce is functional, and it is very apparent we delivered on this. Both models are constructed from cold stamped stainless-steel cases equipped with sapphire glasses and of course are water resistant. But adding a few diamonds, how hard can it be!? It will come as no surprise that there is quite a bit going on behind the scenes to bring these sparkalicious beauties to life than you could possibly imagine. Let’s start with the diamonds. At the spritely age of about a billion years old, yes that is billion with a “b”, these natural diamonds have been formed deep in the earth’s crust under extreme heat and pressure before being pushed to depths more accessible to us mere mortals. There are serious costs incurred when mining and when you take into account about 200 kilograms of rock needs to be dug up to yield just 0.2 grams of diamonds, of which only a portion is ever good enough to be used in watches!

It is also significant that a diamond is the hardest natural material in the world being nearly pure carbon, which conjures images of them being black in colour. Nothing could be further from the truth! Generally, diamonds are colourless but some minute trace elements can have an influence on the colour. This is where hues of yellow, blue and of course pink come from.

Now that we all know where a diamond comes from, let us get on to the business of creating a diamond set watch. With our latest creations we wanted to deliver a flatline round model and Cartier tank inspired rectangular model. The first step is to CAD each design with diamonds in mind. We need to create the extra steel in the bezel to accommodate the diamonds that have been individually selected and measured to be exactly the same in colour, clarity and cut. The carat (weight) which often comes into this conversation is viewed very differently when it comes watches. It is the total of all the diamonds added up together where the value is calculated.

Four case finishes are available in each Adina Diamond Set Kensington dress watch model. The polished stainless-steel versions aside you can have ionically plated gold, rose or two-tone gold and steel. Powering them both is the Swiss Made Ronda 762 two hand fully jewelled movement and available in each is a classic Roman dial. This is where aesthetically and mechanically the similarities end.

Adina Diamond Set Dress Watch – “Audrey”

The Tank inspired rectangular CT131 or “Audrey” sparkles of natural diamonds each 1.20mm in size running the full length of the case dramatically ending at the step before the lug horns. Falling elegantly away from the case is a large rolled link style bracelet which is also constructed for cold stamped stainless steel exuding longevity and purpose. A simple yet sophisticated enamel white, barrel index dial could be argued, to be the feature that ties this design together.

Adina Diamond Set Dress Watch – “Estella”

Whereas the slimline and elegant round CT133 or ‘Estella’ revels in her exaggerated simplicity. The natural diamonds as they ought to be are the feature all 56 of them! Each just over 1mm in size shining like little beacons. Bedazzling all and sundry. Yet again it is the dial that unites this design and celebrates her elegance. Aside from the aforementioned classic, white roman dial. The CT133 is also available in a stunning simple stone set versions in light champagne colour and natural mother of pearl executions.

When it comes to living with the Adina CT131 and CT133; The bracelet feels like it completes the package as it continues the excellent finishing and attention to detail seen on the case. Both bracelets also feature a very nice one touch clasp which is operated by pressing the Adina logo outside the centre. There is no hiding the fact that the Adina CT131 and CT133 are simply stunning timepieces. Crafted with love and incredible attention to detail here in our Brisbane workshops, supporting our 51-year watchmaking pedigree. Both also resonate functionality and style and certainly do more than enough to set it apart from its predecessors of two decades ago.

The Adina CT131 Diamond-Set Kensington is available now starting at $1495-

The Adina CT133 Diamond-Set Kensington is available now starting at $1895-