Compared to a lot of other presents scribbled down in your list when mulling over just the right present over for her, a watch is really something that can be forever. Lingerie as I keep being reminded is a Christmas present for me! Therefore, it’s all the more important to choose just the right Adina for her. At the same time a new watch will give your guy something that can truly speak to his personality. However, it is a gift he will keep on wearing every day so choose wisely! To ensure that your Christmas doesn’t end in an ‘oh, how nice’ dud, we’re here to help you out with our ultimate guide for giving the right Adina watch for Christmas.

1. Remember this watch is coming from you so it has to reflect your taste.

The first and most important rule for gift-giving also goes for watches: never give a watch as a present that doesn’t represent your own taste, but don’t just have a red hot crack either. Our ladies watches today are very diverse, compared with even a few years ago. There are more 100m water resistant models than ever before and the days dominated by just gold and flashy bling have made way for a more thoughtful and deliberate watch genre tailored to just about every kind of taste. The golden rule “control yourself” plays a big role here. The ladies are not impressed by the same things we are and that goes for you girls as well!

2. Boys use indicators especially her jewellery and accessories

If you’re unsure about what type of style the watch should have, try using her jewellery and other fashion accessories as indicators. If she doesn’t already own a watch, jewellery can be a major factor in figuring out the right direction to start heading in. Does she wear gold, silver or rose gold?

It’s not only a good giveaway of her refined tastes, but you’ll also be giving yourself a high-five down the road for picking out a piece that she’s going to combine with her wardrobe. For all those that like it clean or stripped down, we’ve got good news.

Most women that don’t wear earrings, necklaces, or bracelets still usually like to strap a timepiece on their wrist, nor are you necessarily at a disadvantage when choosing just the right one either. If she doesn’t wear a watch, then she probably hasn’t nailed down her exact tastes of has hidden all her ex-boyfriends’. This now really reduces any probability of a style fauxpas when selecting her new Adina. It also sets you up for success down the track!

3. Girls consider his personality

If you’re unsure about what type of style the watch he needs, try to imagine what he is going to get up whilst wearing his new Adina. Is he the sporty type who loves a coffee down the road on a Sunday? Is business his world before heading up the coast for the week end? Is he a tradie or farmer who gets the job done or a combination of all of the above? The Adina collection is designed and built by hand by Australians for Australians.

4. Safety first

Here’s a solid piece of advice: When you’re giving a present, avoid unnecessary risks. The challenge is pulling off a slam dunk here and not wiping out. Unless you’re certain that he or she is going to love something a bit over the top or quite specific, it’s probably best to avoid multi-function designs or bright colours. Generally speaking, people get tired of something a lot faster of the “out of the ordinary” and a new Adina watch doesn’t need to fall into this category.

Although at times considered a pit fall when buying a watch, a two toned, gold and steel case could be a master stroke. The watch is able to be worn with her gold or silver jewellery. Gaining popularity back in the 80s, they are still pretty trendy today. However, in some watch snob’s perception two toned watches suffer from a stale image but believe us when we say that your loved one won’t be stoned to death when showing off their new watch to their friends!

5. Size matters

These days, women also like to wear watches in larger sizes. However, unless you know of a specific size preference of hers, we suggest not winging it. Watch case measurements vary greatly and are heavily dependent upon the style of the watch.

Answer this question: Is the watch going to be for everyday wear and tear which can include in the Australian mind set work and play. Or perhaps just for more refined and elegant occasions? Keep their dress style in mind and use it as a spring board to choose the right piece. Sporty styled timekeepers from the Oceaneer and Amphibian collections tend to be that little bit bigger and can also have additional features on top of telling the time.

Usually, elegant styled watches are delicate in nature, have clean dials, as well as simple forms and colours. Check out our Kensington collection. 

Our sporty timepieces are built from stainless steel and the cases of our more elegant variety are also steel and fitted with sapphire glass for lasting beauty. If you’re still deliberating on the exact style, here’s another tip: While there’s a certain element of risk when choosing the right sporty model, in almost every woman’s cupboard, there’s a dress that would fit just right with an elegant dress Adina. Just like a “little black dress”, a diamond set watch is a girl’s best friend. Just saying.

6. Choose the right watch for right job

Our Oceaneer watches, available for both men and ladies, are all built from stainless steel and are 100m water resistant. From their sport pedigree they will look great in pretty much any situation. Truly functional fashion. 

Our Amphibian watches are at home on land as in the water and so it is with their Adina namesakes. Head here for robust and sporty for him and for her.

The Kensington watches bring refinement and delicate sophistication while the Countrymasters are all about work.

7. Set yourself up for success!

Regardless if you decide to support your friendly, local jeweller up the street or to buy the piece over the internet there’s a few things you ought to take into consideration before you fork out your hard-earned cash. 

If you can make sure the bracelet is the right size. There is no standard here! A good tip can be to measure a watch they already own or place a piece of string around their wrist whilst they sleep. Ladies rum can help here! Additional links are available no charge. Metal watch bracelets can also be configured to fit the right wrist dimension and come, of course, with any links that have previously been removed. 

Nothing better on Christmas Day to be able to wear your new watch straight away.

We also recommend engraving the watch. An endearing and personalised message on the case can make your watch gift very unique. Either way, as long as you take into consideration all of the aforementioned points, the chances are pretty good that you’re going to end up with an Adina watch they will treasure.

Happy Christmas and thanks again for supporting our Australian family business.