Your favourite Adina Watch story, you will definitely have one. Whether your Adina is an Oceaneer or an Amphibian, a Country Master or a Kensington– chances are, your love affair with our watches began in one of two ways. You needed a new watch or someone gave you one! Now as a part of an incredibly diverse community, we want you to “Tell us the story of you and your Adina!”

Here at Adina, we care deeply about the human experiences that don’t usually come up in day to day conversation. When we say please tell us your story, we’re hoping you will speak to the experiences that have made you who you are, and all the while wearing an Adina Watch. We know our watches have been on top of Everest and into the freezing heart of Antarctica which is testament to the watches themselves but what about the Oceaneer that get the kids to school every day on time or the Country Master that sits all day on the truckie’s wrist, keeping Australia moving. We want to know what is your favourite memory of you and your Adina.

It may sound a little challenging to talk about yourself and your watch but I am going to start and we can go from here!

My favourite Adina Watch story

I have been working here at Adina Watches in our family business for 25 years and over that time I have been lucky enough to have, had, a few watches come my way. My favourite still is the watch that was given to me when I had learned to tell the time. The watch, was given to me as I started grade one. My first watch and of course my first Adina. It was a hand wind manual watch on a red Velcro strap. Very rock star!

That watch was given to me by my parents 44 years ago and today the watch (a WK205) sits on my desk here at Adina less the Velcro strap. I wind it every day when I arrive at the office. It keeps me focused on the job at hand. It keeps me honest.

Just Open Up!

Everyone has a watch story and it is for that very reason I know there will always be a place even in this crazy evolving modern world of ours, for a conventional wrist watch. We want to hear about them and feature your stories on our socials. You are part of the Adina community and we want to hear your story.

Send your story to:

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