With beautiful Spring weather upon us, the next 10 weeks sees thousands of couple making that life commitment to one another. A Wedding Day comes together after months of planning into an event to celebrate a couple’s nuptials. When the day is over, photographs and great stories will commemorate this auspicious occasion. Is there anything else you could do to make your wedding day more memorable? We would suggest something which is a tradition steeped in history.

A bride giving her groom a gift is a tradition dating back nearly 5000 years. Even more remarkable, the reason for the gift has never changed. Before standing family and friends, the bride and groom exchange gifts as a symbol of dedication to each other. Traditionally a bride gives a groom a wristwatch. Obviously this is not a watch of mere functionality. It’s a gift that quite literally begins counting the time a couple will share together. It is designed to last generations. With a watch holding such intrinsic power, here are a few suggestions that may help to find an Adina watch perfect for your groom.

Choose a Dress Watch

When choosing a watch, we would suggest you will want to pick a “dress watch.” In the traditional sense this simply means a watch that is intended to be worn with a suit coat or long sleeve shirt. Besides his wedding band, this will likely be the only other accessory worn consistently by your new husband for years to come.

The Australian way of life adds an extra element to this way of thinking, it must be water resistant and able to be swum in, as so many of us will migrate from a formal or business setting into a sport or casual relaxed setting sometimes daily and that “dress watch” needs to be able to do it all. Classic designs from the performance bred Oceaneer and Amphibian collections have that ability.

Choose Simplicity

There’s a balance between elegance and understatement which makes a watch work for a man. It’s hard to go wrong with a watch with a leather strap. That’s a classic look, and won’t go out of style. In saying that, the Australian lifestyle has to be considered. In our opinion, a stainless steel model on a steel bracelet with some polishing will keep the watch dressy, whilst adding that sport element.

We suggest a 40mm diameter (or under) timepiece. Anything bigger is considered oversized. Avoid too many complications like chronographs, annual calendars or other additions. Let him buy those sorts of watches himself! A simple day or date feature is plenty.

Choose Repairable

At the heart of every watch is the movement, either battery operated (quartz) or mechanical (hand wound or automatic). Remember you are buying a watch that aims to outlast you.  That’s why this watch, if ever needed, must be repairable. That means choosing a watch brand that not only has this ability from a movement perspective. It also means having a ready supply of spare parts such as bracelets, crowns and glasses (make sure you choose sapphire).

Choose Classic

Regardless of changes in fashion trends, watches made of precious metals (like yellow or white gold) have stood the test of time. Brides may also choose a stainless steel watch because of its durability and price. A dress watch is there to tell time in formal settings, without intentionally drawing too much attention to itself.

One Final Touch

Personalise it! You can add initials, dates, a vow, or passage that will give his watch an extra personal touch and protect your investment. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Make it fun from the heart, and always include the date. You want him to remember your anniversary! Here is a great place to start to spark some inspiration.

If you are ready to find the perfect watch for your groom, I suggest making a start with our automatic Amphibian collection.  If you need any guidance, please just ask, we want to help you make your day memorable!