Over the the years we have heard some cracking tales of what our watches have been through, but this one has got to be up there to take the gong!

Thanks Fred from Milltech in Warners Bay for taking the time to let us know what this Country Master has been through!

Hard Work

Here is the incredible message that we’ve received from Fred:

“The photo shows our boilermaker Jim Tuc (wearing the safety hat) being returned his Adina watch which had been recovered from a 80,000 litre quench tank into which he had accidentally dropped it eight months earlier.

The tank is used daily to quench about 10 tonnes of alloy steel bars, and over time the scale which comes off the bars builds up to about half a metre or more over a period of 6/8 months, and requires manual removal – it gets shovelled out.

When Jim dropped his watch back in April ’18 we had just cleaned the tank  out (we have two), and refilled it with a water/polymer mixture.

Over Christmas 2018, we repeated the cleaning procedure, after pumping the quench liquid out.

I told our people doing the job to keep an eye out for Jim’s watch, never thinking in my wildest dreams that we would find it amongst the ten tonnes or so of steel scale.

Well, when I turned up at work one morning during our Christmas maintenance period, I was greeted by a very excited Bejay (who is handing the watch to Jim in the photo) displaying the ‘lost’ watch.

Bejay had only joined us only a couple of months earlier, part of the reason he had the tough scale clearing job! He was cleaning out the last vestiges of scale when he noticed the watch.

The watch was still working after 8 months in a very hostile environment, a testimony to its durability.

A nice story!


Fred R”

A Great Testament

What an incredible story!

Thanks again Fred for sharing this great testament to the durability of our Adina Country Masters!