RideWest Charity Bike Ride began in 2012. Over the last 12 years, RideWest has raised over $1,400,000 for the Royal Flying Doctor Service for mental health support programs for regional Queenslanders. This year Adina Watches celebrates their inaugural involvement in the 2022 RideWest Charity’s event by creating an extremely limited edition of 100 bespoke watches. For each watch sold, Adina Watches will donate $100 to the RFDS, to support their ongoing valuable work in the Wellbeing Out West program.

Adina Bespoke Watch for RideWest Charity Bike Ride

Adina’s involvement runs deeper than “just making a watch!”. Their General Manager Grant Menzies is putting on the Lycra to complete the eight day, grueling 1311 kilometers to Longreach. Grant having always been a bike rider since his late teens has taken on many cycling challenges. Either alone or with his family (known as Cycling Menzies) over 20 countries have been traversed! Carrying everything with them. Crazy we know!

Cycling Menzies

The motivation to tackle a journey across a country in this fashion comes from in part the incredible scenery and in part always enjoying the physicality of the days ride and the feeling of achievement on reaching your daily goal no matter what mother nature had served up and the obvious euphoria on reaching your overall destination at the end of a trip. This all part of the RideWest Charity Bike Ride

For the most part however it is the ability to immerse oneself into a country and enjoy all its subtle nuances in its people, food, language and culture that are so often missed by the regular tourist. On a bicycle you are forced to stop regularly for food, water, directions, even a rest. All opening the opportunity to further interact with a country and her people.

However the motivation for something like RideWest is very different. It is not about the people doing it, it is about the cause. When a group of motivated individuals come together they can make a huge impact. Each of the riders, Grant included, will rely upon the generosity of many. Every donation no matter the amount, adds up.

Grant Menzies - RideWest Charity Bike Ride

Grant hopes his riding for charity will inspire his children to embrace what a selfless act charity is and create a legacy of kindness.

Come April, 30 riders will Begin the RideWest Charity Bike Ride. Please get behind them.