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 Adina Automatic Underground Mining Watch NK151 S1FB is real! It breaks the myth that a watch can’t work and play!

Second generation Australian watchmaking house Adina is well known for pushing the envelope when it comes to what their watches can do. Its fondness for their Oceaneer and Amphibian collections can draw you away for what is often the testing ground of these ranges. The Country Master work watch collection is a legend in the Australian Outback. Each Country Master has been made as tough as they can make them, to not only survive in this hostile environment but to thrive!  Conceived out of the requirements of underground coal miners to wear mechanical watches the Adina was born. The brand has established a reputation for delivering high quality and functionality whilst being true to its Australian roots. To fully appreciate the merits of the Adina “Underground” Automatic, it’s good to understand the story of the brand, this timepiece and its story.

The history of the Adina Underground Automatic watch

The earth has reserved its mysteries for as long as man has roamed. The earliest mines are over 10 000 years old but it wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution spurred improvements in explosives and mining equipment mechanical drills powered by pistons, then compressed air, significantly increased the capability and efficiency of mining hard rock. Improvements in other mining processes occurred too. Hand-powered loading and hauling were replaced by electric conveyors, mine cars, and vehicles. Steam-driven pumps solved the problem of water inflow. Candles and oil-wick lamps were improved by gas lamps, and eventually battery-powered lamps. Mechanization and new technology sparked dramatic improvements in mining techniques. As mining became wider spread and went deeper underground, the need for safer work practices began to become a priority. It was a daring feat that saw the Mponeng gold mine hit 4km deep and it was a testament to the miners that were willing to undertake as nobody had successfully descended to such depths in history. Not much was known about the earth and the hostile nature of the environment down there so the need for intrinsically safe underground miners watch was born.

Looking deeper at the Adina Automatic “Underground” mining watch .

The first thing you notice when looking at the face of the Australian specially designed and hand-built Adina Underground is the case shape. AS part of the Country Master collection the heptagon shape is a signature ensuring toughness. As stated this model is specifically for the underground miner or for someone who appreciates a watch that can do the lot. The Australian Adina Country Master Automatic “Underground” NK151 S1FB work watch exudes rugged sophistication. Constructed from robust nickel free, marine grade stainless steel, the 38mm case houses the 25 jewel Automatic Swiss Made Ronda R150. The luminous blue index dial whilst providing optimum clarity is also protected by a sapphire crystal. A sapphire crystal glass is well known for its unparalleled scratch resistance. This Adina watch has been equipped with a comfortable yet strong stainless-steel bracelet. The solid stamped bracelet shuts firmly through a 3-fold clasp with safety catch. Being an Australian watch, which probably spend the week end out on the water keeping the water out is a top priority. Doing that all important job is the 7mm steel bioring crown. Arguably unrivalled for water and dust protection.

The movement

The Adina Automatic Underground Mining Watch NK151 S1FB is powered by a Swiss Made automatic Ronda R-150 movement with 25 jewels and a power reserve of 41 hours. Functions include hours, minutes, seconds, and date at the 3 o’clock position on the dial. It’s a workhorse that has proven itself for reliability and accuracy.

Price and availability

The Australian underground mining industry demanded we design a watch specifically for underground use. A watch that would be used in some of the harshest environments know to man. The result is the underground miners watch referenced, Adina NK151 . It takes its place in the Adina Country Master work watch collection where the rugged sophistication it exudes, is at home. Old school Australian watchmaking and modern ideas ensure this watch is up to the onerous task it has been set.The Adina Automatic Underground Mining Watch NK151 S1FB is available through the authorized resellers and the official Adina Watches website. It’s available in a choice of Dark Cerulean blue or the classic white or black with Arabic numerals.

Final thoughts

The Adina Underground Automatic watch is a unique work watch that offers water resistance to a depth of 100 meters. Cutting straight to the heart of it, this is an extremely well-priced watch for what you are getting and considering it is possibly heading one of the most hostile places on the planet. It is a bargain.

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Cold stamped nickel-free all stainless steel case, featuring raised sections at 12 and 6 o'clock for added glass protection.


7mm bioring crown system offering un-rivalled water and dust resistance.


Sapphire crystal promising unparalleled scratch resistance.


Swiss Made Ronda R-150

Water resistance

10atm able to be worn everyday including swimming,showering and of course working in.


White full figures make for optimum clarity.






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