Adina Oceaneer Sports Dress Watch CT105 G1XB


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Once you have seen it you will believe that functional fashion is real! The Adina Oceaneer sports watch CT105 G1XB is on point being gold plated and couples effortlessly with a sublime feeling bracelet and exquisitely sitting mid-size case. The subtleties of the domed sapphire crystal and the open frame hands only enenhance this performance bred watch which is sure to delight. The Adina Oceaneer sports watch CT105 G1XB is proudly designed and meticulously cased by hand in Brisbane Australia.


Adina Oceaneer sports watch CT105 G1XB


Almost jewellery like in appearance the Adina Oceaneer sports watch CT105 G1XB, it dispells the myth that you can’t own one watch and do almost anything it it! Being an Oceaneer her performance pedigree with roots back to the seventies combines being practical through her 10atm water resistance and all stainless steel construction and being straight out beautiful! With her elegant curved lines the Adina Oceaneer sports watch CT105 G1XB makes a statement in any company and being fitted with a domed sapphire glass and ionically gold plated, will give further rise toAdina being known for producing true functional fashion.


Adina Australian watchmaking at it finest since 1971



Exquisite feeling cold stamped stainless steel bracelet


Sapphire crystal promising un-paralleled scratch resistance


Cold stamped nickel-free all stainless steel case.


Swiss made Ronda 763

Water resistance

10atm able to be worn everyday including swimming,showering and of course having a great time in.


Applied half dome index.


Double o-ring 10atm rated steel crown




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