Buying an Australian Adina watch is important as the world we live in is forever changed. Not just the world of Adina but globally. I have said to my children, future generations will study 2020. They will make and form views on what we did and didn’t do. Future generations may even be so bold as to judge us in our reactions to a problem that developed so rapidly that the word unprecedented doesn’t come close to what we all have been through.

The disruption from this pandemic, has caused many significant shifts in preferences and expectations. Individuals, businesses and governments – citizens, workers and consumers are all thinking differently as they grapple with the new normal. This will have far reaching ramifications, significantly impacting how we live, work, interact with each other. Of course the use of technology will feature heavily.

It has been reported that 33 percent of Australian consumers changed food brands during the crisis. And 20 percent of them plan to stick with Australian made products.

Many people will not be going back to their pre-COVID-19 lifestyles and preferences after being forced to try something new during the pandemic lock down. A great example of this in the jewellery trade was with the major jewellery retail chains closed. It was an opportunity for the independent retailers who chose to remain open in some format following the government guidelines to introduce themselves to new customers. Birthdays, anniversaries and mile stone events still rolled on. Perhaps celebrated a little differently.

All businesses especially a Family business like ours will have to adapt their existing structures and processes to cater for these changing preferences and expectations. Not resisting but embracing change and supporting our retailers as they do the same.

In particular, Australian manufacturing businesses, again like ours will have to think through different demand scenarios, inventory movements, production deployment, and associated logistics. The strength of our suppliers, partners, retailers, and supply chain cannot be understated as the resilience and reliability of supply chains and production capability have been significantly challenged. With pride I can say we have survived the first wave.

The reset button has been pressed. It is now time to do something positive about it.

So much of what we currently available in window of many jewellery stores is made overseas. Potential disruption to supply has been an opportunity for local Australian brands like Adina with the ability to manufacture alternative products here in Australia to shine.

Buying an Australian Adina watch or  any Australian products for that matter, the value of the consumer spend stays here in Australia. You are supporting Australian jobs. The company that produces the product can employ more Australians.  If more Australians have jobs, it means families are likely to have more money to do fun things like go on a holiday, go out for dinner or a movie, and pay for things like ballet classes, sporting club membership, as well as the weekly groceries and bills. The company and employees will pay tax to the Government. This means there is more money to spend on things like hospitals, sporting facilities and schools.

It becomes very clear and it makes good sense to buy things that are made or grown in Australia. A rising tide takes all boats higher.

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