An Adina Watch catalogue still holds a significant role at Adina Watches even though we are immersed in the digital era. Our catalogues offer important and specific information about our watches and highlights the passion that goes into each and every one of them.

In bringing to life the “Adina Collection 2020” catalogue we worked hard to create a simple natural design that was effective for both the retailers and the consumer alike. Beautiful imagery, a planned and consistent layout, detailed clear stock photographs combined with specific content were the clear drivers on this journey.

An Adina Watch catalogue is important to us as:

  • It helps us connect with our retailers and inspire the watch wearing community.
  • It provides a wealth of great reference of material and detailed information
  • It strengthens our Australian family manufacturing business brand Identity
  • It encourages through the tailor-made content for our customers to get to know us better
  • It promotes Adina Watches off-line to further strengthen our credibility
  • It focuses on the Adina brand attributes and the benefits of our watches.
  • It generates customer enthusiasm through tactile engagement 

The stark reality of any watch catalogue hinges on the quality of every picture of each watch. Each Adina watch must be consistently photographed professionally, aiming to look as natural and true to life in colour whilst highlighting the design features of the watch.

Not easy!

Catalogues, perhaps are a trending medium at the moment for many businesses. For us the touch and feel of our catalogue plays an important role as an engaging and appealing offline tool, giving detailed information about our brand, our watches and our services.

Our design team and our printers know a beautifully designed and luxurious feeling catalogue is vital to further validate our corporate image in a very competitive market.

Our new catalogue will be instore in the first week of November showcasing our vision for the “Adina Watch Collection 2020”.