With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to find the perfect gift to spoil the one you love. This year, instead of doing the usual cards, chocolates, and roses, why not show your loved one how much time you’ve spent thinking about them by gifting them something crafted right here in Australia with love, an Adina Watch.

With $23 million dollars spent on Valentine’s day gifts and date nights, according to the Commonwealth Bank, it’s important to make it count. While everyone loves a nice dinner and some flowers, they are short-lived celebrations. A meticulously hand assembled watch, on the other hand, lasts the test of time.

When it comes to picking the right watch, however, it’s important to consider the style of its recipient. The right watch will suit their lifestyle, personality, and aesthetic. Thankfully, Adina Watches has a range to suit the personal style of every man, and to suit the budget of every thoughtful partner.

Having been in the business for almost 50 years, Adina Watches caters for everyone, from the modern man, to someone who’s more eclectic. For those on the hunt for the right watch, check out Adina’s top picks for the following styles.

The Businessman 

If your man spends 90% of his life in a suit and lives the corporate life, then the Adina Oceaneer Automatic Watch is the perfect style – professional, sophisticated, and most importantly, functional.

Adina Oceaneer GW12 S2XB

Adina Oceaneer GW12 S2XB

The Oceaneer is a performance bred watch that contains a very cool feature in the opening dial, with the balance wheel visibly exposed through a small window, allowing the wearer (and admiring co-workers) to actually see the pulsing heart of the watch.

The case is 100m water resistant and designed to endure showers, swims, and rainy days. A calendar dial also occupies the 9 o’clock position meaning your partner can keep track of his busy schedule at all times.

The Old Soul 

This guy will take a vinyl record over Spotify any day, and would much rather sit in a moody bar with an old-fashioned than join his fellow lads at the pub. His fashion can be described as vintage and old-timey.

If you’ve ever thought your man was born in a different decade – or era – then get a watch to match. No other watch fits that classical, old-century style like a pocket watch.

Adina Country Master Pocket Watch NK54 S2FP

The Adina Countrymaster pocket-watch fits that classic look and it can be worn both off the wrist as well as in a purpose-built pouch.

The case is constructed from marine-grade stainless steel, and the white dial is protected by mineral crystal, making it durable in any environment.

The Fashion-Adventurous 

This man is a risk-taker when it comes to fashion decisions. He’s always looking for ideas on Instagram, and when he’s not looking up the latest trends, he’s starting them. His style is bold, wild, and boundary-pushing.

Add a unique piece to his collection with this vibrant and attention-grabbing watch from Adina’s Amphibian collection.

Adina Amphibian NK167 S28XS

Adina Amphibian NK167 S28XS

Adina’s superior quality stainless-steel watch serves up superior scratch-resistance with its sapphire crystal case. It also doubles as a water-resistant dive watch, which is great because he’ll be drowning in compliments!

The Modern Man

Though not one to be particularly ostentatious, the modern man is still a well-manicured specimen. His style is slightly more reserved, yet undoubtedly trendy. Taking pride in his appearance, he is always well-groomed, sleek, and presentable.

To complement his effortlessly cool style, choose a watch that embodies his minimalistic and timeless aesthetic. Adina recommends the Kensington Dress Watch, which brings together the classic textures of metal and leather.

Adina Kensington CT104 R1XS

Adina Kensington CT104 R1XS

The Kensington is sturdy yet lightweight, held together with a luxurious leather strap that is soft and comfortable around the wrist. With light water resistance, this watch is perfect for everyday use.

The Athlete 

This one is for the men that love exercise as much as we love a good cheese platter. He enjoys pushing his body to the limits and is always on the hunt for his next challenge.

Help him keep track of his personal bests (PB’s) by gifting him the Adina Amphibian Automatic Dive Watch, a sturdy yet sporty dive watch.

Adina Amphibian NK142 S2XB

Adina Amphibian NK142 S2XB

Not only is this Amphibian-series watch dust and scratch-resistant with its sapphire crystal casing, but it was designed to outlast great depths – 200m to be specific, perfect for all kinds of water activities.

With its casual and clean design, this piece pairs well with training gear to a more laid-back style.

As with all Adina watches each one has been completely assembled by hand in Brisbane, Australia. Purchase your timeless gift now by visiting www.adinawatches.com.au

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