The unique family connection through an Adina watch might be an odd topic but the number of times I have heard “if the last two years have taught us anything” over the past few months. If I had learned the amount the media is suggesting, NASA would have me on the books and I wouldn’t be making and selling watches!

However, thankfully I am still making and selling watches (and not trying to land on the moon), but I have learned this; it has never been more apparent that we as humans crave the interaction of our family and loved ones. That said, watches and jewellery have, for generations, been a powerful link to connect us and house memories.

There has been a realisation that has always been there, perhaps not completely forgotten, but not central to our everyday thinking. That is, until we are locked up at home for weeks or months on end, then what connects us to our loved ones becomes more important than ever. A minute has always been 60 seconds and remains so with each of those minutes being completely unique. That is where we come in.

For 51 years we have been making watches that will go the distance and create connections and evoke memories. There are so many examples of Grandmothers buying for granddaughters, parents buying for their children their first good watch when they head off to school, Brides for grooms and the list goes on!

Central to this entire conversation is the fact that when you invest in a watch to take on this role as memory keeper and connector. It has to be quality, and I will cite my Mum again “quality never goes out of style hence why there is a unique family connection through an Adina watch.

Adina Amphibian automatic dive watch NK142 S2XB

Our collection has many go-tos when it comes to encapsulating the moment. They are stylish in nature and classical in attitude. Hard to go past, from our Amphibian range is the automatic NK142. I would like to think if James Bond was Australian this is what he would be wearing. New, and is again automatic with the open beating heart of the watch there for all to see, a true modern classic GW15 100m Oceaneer. Hard to go past when it needs to be really special is a diamond set Adina watch.

Adina Kensington Automatic Watch GW15 S2XB

Simple, classical and stunning. Functionally speaking perhaps, it is time (sorry I couldn’t help myself) to buy your son or daughter their first watch well is has to be the ever-green Oceaneer CM56.

Adina Amphibian Dive Watch CM56 T0XB

At the heart of it. It is all about the memories, how they are created and which Adina you own is which is their keeper.