Buying a watch for somebody close to you for Christmas is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. The only hurdle when choosing an Adina Watch for them is that you are spoilt for choice over a range of price points. You also must take into account the functionality of the timepiece, will actually meet their needs. Confused? It doesn’t have to be, Grant Menzies, General Manager of second-generation Australian watch manufacturer Adina Watches gives his insights on how to best advise first-time buyers and repeat offenders on the true investment of a watch and keep them as loyal “Adina Adorers” for years to come.  Buying an Adina Watch, really, how hard could it be!

With digital ways of telling time now often now trying to overshadow the humble wrist watch, the benefits to owning one however remain unchanged. Here are the key points he feels you need to take into account with any watch purchase. It will also let the recipient know that a lot of thought has gone into the watch you have chosen.

  • How often is the person going to wear the watch? Is it an occasional, dress up and hit the town type watch or is it an everyday work horse?
  • If you are buying for a woman, what colour jewellery does she wear? Remember watches can come in a range of plated finishes. Gold, rose-gold, silver or even combinations of the them creating two and even three tone effects.
  • If the person wears glasses or refuses to, the watch may require a clear dial or even be slightly larger in size
  • Is the watch going to be worn swimming or in the shower?
  • Will the greater world get a better sense that gift is for somebody who is moving up in the world and wants to show it?
  • Does it need certain functionalities?
  • Is price a consideration?
  • Does it need to be the latest fashion?
  • Quartz or automatic?
  • Can it be repaired if required?
Adina Country Master Work Watch NK172 S1FB

Adina Country Master Work Watch NK172 S1FB


The Adina Countrymaster has its root deep, in what is sometimes referred to as “field” watches. Field watches originated in the trenches of WW1 where officers and enlisted men strapped traditional pocket watches to their wrists to know exactly when the next bombardment was coming. By WW2 the need for more robust watches bred a new array of field watches with one thing being certain. The watch needed to go everywhere with the soldier. This mindset lingers and although the vast bulk of the population will hopefully never be in those type of situations, the need for a robust practical watch endures. The Countrymaster is exactly that. Perfect for working every day in, due to its tough stainless-steel case and bracelet construction often with strong clear numbers for easy reading and many of collection are fitted with a highly scratch resistant sapphire crystal. If you are buying a farmer tradie or miner, this is a great place to start.

Adina Oceaneer Dress Sports Watch CT105 G1XB

Adina Oceaneer Dress Sports Watch CT105 G1XB


Born from the need for a functional yet fashionable watch that could be worn every day in a multitude of surroundings. “A watch is discreet, unlike a phone for example. You don’t have to dig around deep in a handbag or a pocket to find it and you can’t misplace it easily when it’s constantly strapped to your wrist. It will leave you with both hands free for typing, driving, golfing and plenty of other activities. An Oceaneer can also be changed to suit any style. It can jazz up an outfit to complete an elegant look, or the strap could be changed to match the colour of your favourite sports team on game day.” As with the Amphibian collection comes as standard with sapphire glass and Swiss made quartz or automatic movements. As our signature range is available for both men and women in a multitude of dial patterns and case finishing’s. As Grant has been saying for years is perfect from the boardroom to the beach!

Adina Amphibian Dive Watch NK167 S28XS

Adina Amphibian Dive Watch NK167 S28XS


Also, a very functional watch with a pedigree steeped in romance and history and thanks to James Bond is the only type of sports watch you can wear to a black-tie event! Dive watches have gained popularity over the past few decades especially here in Australia due to their robust sporty nature which is synonymous with the outdoor Australian way of life. Traditionally always plain stainless steel but now also available in two tone and gold versions the Adina Amphibian, as the name suggests is completely at home on land and in the water. Rated 20 ATM water resistant and equipped as standard with a sapphire crystal and rotating bezel. Powered by swiss made quartz or automatic movements, the Amphibian is a great choice for any age group and can be worn every day.

Adina Forever Diamond Watch 200224 G0XB

Adina Forever Diamond Watch 200224 G0XB

Kensington and Forever

For the classically fashion conscious then it has to be a model from our Kensington Collection which can be as vibrant or as subdued as the occasion requires. Standard again is a sapphire crystal and swiss movement but often flatter and slimmer than her sporty cousins in the Oceaneer and Amphibian ranges. Whilst as the name suggests the “forever” range is diamond set for the ultimate in prestige and luxury.

Armed with this new found knowledge, Grant explains, “Engaging with the sales team at your local jewellers and getting the opportunity to find out more is crucial for ensuring you walk away with exactly the right watch. Bear in mind for the retailers the opposite is true.”

“I always say to retailers that taking the time to get to know their customers is not only imperative to forming long-lasting relationships but it allows you to be a problem solver in their lives. By getting to know them well enough, you can provide them with the exact thing they didn’t even know they were missing in the first place,” says Menzies.

Aside from properly guiding customers who have set out to buy a watch in the first place, many customers don’t realise that watches can actually serve as the ideal token that carries intrinsic value to commemorate moments in time or serve a purpose that they would never have thought of.

Adina Watches have been approached by businesses they would never have dreamed of working with, for reasons that don’t usually require a watch.

“We recently collaborated with Bond University to create a bespoke line of watches for their entire graduating co-hort. It was genius to re-think the concept of the traditional graduation ring and instead bestow the students with a symbol of their time with the institution that they will not only be reminded of every time they look down at their wrist, but a watch will also serve them as a tool of purpose well into their future professional careers and personal lives,” says Mr Menzies.

“We also have worked closely with the mining industry to develop an Underground Mining watch that would withstand the rigorous conditions hundreds of feet below the surface where mobile phones pose a threat due to lithium batteries.

To complete the auspicious nature of the gift.  A beautiful timepiece can be engraved and become a family heirloom passed down for generations to come, creating memories to last a lifetime rather than a day-to-day accessory.

From the independent watchmaker who service the everyday person on the street to the high-end luxury jewellers, Adina has always respected the pivotal role that retailers play in connecting consumers with Adina Watches. At the end of the day, it comes down to the brass tacks reality that a watch is a very personal purchase. An astute choice will yield a prized passion worn with pride the opposite will find your gift at the back of the cupboard never to see the light of day. The trick is to know what you like and what you want the watch to say about the person you are giving it to and of course what you can afford and research our collection accordingly. Your efforts will utimately yield, the gift of time.