The Power of sponsorship became very evident during the build up to the 2019 Adina World Cup. With marketing becoming more and more competitive, and a near sport of its own, exposure has never been more important. But, what separates those businesses that do well from those who don’t? It’s called – effectiveness. And, one way to step-up the impact is by making smart decisions and partner with like-minded organisations,  events or initiatives to promote your business by supporting them.

Naming rights build brand presence like no other and this is key for business growth. Association with relevant initiatives, events and aligned organisations enables businesses to hone in on specific audiences that share their values. It allows them to penetrate the market and speak directly to potential buyers. Securing naming rights also spares companies from the high cost of paying for advertising and instead opens them up to unlimited brand exposure opportunities. After all, familiarity builds trust with any audience and can grow a loyal customer base which will increase sales for time to come. Generating consumer confidence through brand association, such as in naming rights and sponsorships  also helps to establish your business as an elite brand in the marketplace.

Working with organisations that resonate with your values is guaranteed to make you feel more engaged with your target audience and your clients, plus it brings motivation for your staff which improves output. But there is another ripple effect too. When backing a community in need, your efforts will never go unnoticed. This is called positive exposure, and is key to effective marketing. Demonstrating your company’s service through sponsorship or naming rights is a tick on any stage, be it local or global.

While sponsorships can help your business because giving back to the community is earning you cudos, naming rights are considered more impactful. Adina Watches sponsoring the Polocrosse World Cup held in Australia in 2019 is a great example of this at play. The company, a uniquely Australian watchmaker, is pairing their attributes of innovation for design, craftsmanship and durability with the similar qualities of the unique and likewise Australian-born sport of Polocrosse, making it a perfect match. Taking up the naming rights of the Polocrosse World Cup provides exposure to viewers, participants and sports enthusiasts from across the world and allows these to appreciate the similarities between the event and its sponsor. Adina’s tough high quality designs of sophistication and durability are mirrored in the equine sport that was bred right here in Australia in 1939.

Adina Watches general manager, Grant Menzies, spoke to the power of sponsorship saying, “Polocrosse is an exciting skills-based sport for both horse and rider, but it is also uniquely Australia’s own. This made it an obvious choice to take on the naming rights for the event and to support not only the world cup but to help grow the sport itself.”

Apart from benefiting from the exposure of sponsoring such a prestigious event, Adina Watches also benefits from supporting the community at home. And this isn’t overlooked by locals. In fact, it’s something to be celebrated, because the Adina Polocrosse World Cup is now back on home soil, and bringing the sport home 80 years after it was founded Down-Under is a clear boost for national pride. Adina Watches have presented themselves as championing this cause, which is great for their brand and also heralds Australia’s chance at regaining the trophy, thanks to the homesoil advantage. By getting their name out there, Adina Watches have helped themselves by supporting the sport and the international competition.

But it doesn’t always have to be on a national or international level, either. Smaller community events are a great way to get started if your business happens to fall on the smaller end of the spectrum. For instance, sponsoring grass roots football clubs is a great way to get your company logo noticed on jerseys or team banners. Local events are similarly effective for businesses looking to get noticed or seen to be supporting local initiatives.“At the end of the day, sponsorships and naming rights make for a wise decision if you are looking to boost your business profile and want to get noticed,” says Grant Menzies.

Adina Watches even went as far as bringing a couple of polocrosse horses and riders to the Sydney Jewellery Fair at which they presented their latest range of watches and timepieces. Just another ‘effective’ way their naming rights is making a splash for them. When it comes to standing out in the marketplace and above your competitors, considering sponsorships or naming rights might just be the way to go.

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