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Adina wall clocks are crafted by experts to the highest possible standards that will ensure you will be enjoying your clock for a very long time. Attention to detail is paramount in our philosophy, and all our wall clocks feature superior and dependable technology. When you buy a wall clock from Adina, you know it will not only count your time but will last for a long time.

Time. Something we often don’t appreciate until we don’t have it. Something we all wish we had more of. Something that seems to fly by indecently fast as we get older. Something that waits for no man. Sometimes we wish we could go back in time, or fast forward time, or re-live our time.  We exist within the sphere of time, and none of us are indifferent to it.

A clock is used to signify time passing, and is the silent witness to all your moments, counting out your life in seconds, minutes and hours. Although we get a strong sense of the passage of time when we stop to consider a clock, it can also give us a sense of timelessness. A clock’s tick is constant, as it measures out the hours and the years, and it will keep counting time steadily, unhurriedly and relentlessly.

A clock, whether for the mantle or the wall, plays a big part in finishing off a room’s presence. Clocks no longer are desired just to tell the time, but nowadays have great potential to be used in the pursuit of home decoration and wall art. An Adina wall clock will add style and character to your home or workspace, while keeping you on time.

It will provide a finishing touch and a focal point for your décor while adding a sense of story to your interior. The time-telling wall accessory that you choose says a great deal about who you are and what you stand for. Adina has a diverse selection of sizes, colours, finishes and decorative styles for your kitchen, lounge, bedroom or anywhere in your home or office, that will maximise the ambience of your room in a functional yet stylish way.

In the kitchen, a wall clock by Adina provides a stunning design element that can even prevent you from burning the dinner! In the home office, your wall clock provides you with a conscience, reminding you that life is not all about work and you need to take time to spend with your family and friends. In a work environment, a wall clock marks off your jobs and helps you to focus on what’s important.

In the bedroom, it chastises you to get some sleep. A wall clock is in the very heart of your home – counting your moments and bearing witness to how you spend your time.

Adina is the Aboriginal word for ‘very good’, and when you purchase from Adina’s extensive range of wall clocks, you can rest assured that ‘very good’ is what you’ll be getting. Your Adina wall clock utilises premium craftsmanship, advanced technology and world-class components to give you a long-lasting and functional timepiece that will transform your empty wall into a focal point. With a unique combination of artistry, quality and construction.

Whatever your home décor or taste, there is an Adina wall clock to suit every personality and style. From chiming clocks to scrupulously silent clocks. From clocks shaped like flowers to clocks shaped like ship’s wheels to clocks channelling stars.

From clocks with pendulums to clocks with every style of hand imaginable. From round to square to oval clocks. From understatedly monotone clocks to boldly bright clocks. From warm wooden clocks to cool metal clocks and everything in between. From small, fit-in-any-space clocks, to large, dominate-the-room clocks. From minimalistic clocks to ornate, decorative clocks. From clocks with roman numerals to clocks with modern number markers. From sophisticated clocks to cheerful, friendly clocks. From modern to retro to vintage clocks.

From stylish and sophisticated clocks to fun and playful clocks. Whatever it is you are looking for, and sometimes you won’t know it until you see it, you may find it in Adina’s range of small, medium and large wall clocks.

An artfully designed and crafted wall clock can be a useful and beautiful feature of any room, reflecting your personality and taste. Adina’s wall clocks will elevate your home décor to a new level and ensure your home environment stands out from the crowd. Make a statement with Adina’s wall clocks – and make the most of the time that your clock will count out for you.

Enjoy browsing through our diverse collection of wall clocks online – and we hope you’ll be just as inspired by them as we are. We loved designing them and we know you’ll find pleasure in having one of our clocks on your wall, as they are backed by Adina’s impeccable style and quality.

Make the most of your time with Adina wall clocks.


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