There is no more impressive timepiece for the home than a grandfather clock. A true family heirloom.

Grandfather clocks

The classic and traditional Grandfather clocks tells a story – of the passage of time both figuratively and literally. This style of clock is a memento of the past, and signifies the obsolete customs and etiquette of a bygone era. They are a reminder of the traditions and style of the distant past, making them unique masterpieces of time.

Beginning life known as the English long case clock, today’s Grandfather clocks are descended from this traditional style of clock that became popular in the civilised world in the late 17th and early 18th century. In the past, these timepieces were so expensive that only royalty and nobility could afford to have one in their houses.

However, with the invention of improved manufacturing techniques, production costs went down and Grandfather clocks became affordable for less well-to-do households. Grandfather clocks have remained popular since their invention, with demand for these heritage timepieces still strong today.

A Grandfather clock crafted by Adina is a timeless heirloom piece which will never go out of fashion. Adina Grandfather clocks do not follow trends but rather embrace tradition and quality and the attention to detail which Adina is known for.

This second-generation family business has been meticulously assembling Grandfather clocks by hand in the Adina workshops in Brisbane for almost 50 years. And each one of these solid hardwood Grandfather clocks evokes a feeling of memories and reminiscence, of people past and present, of special times and unique places.

A Grandfather clock can transform your house into a welcoming and engaging home. The clock’s melodious chimes and richly-toned ticking evoke memories of a charming and more carefree time. Adina’s Grandfather clocks are made from the highest standard materials, but are also made with craftsmanship, creativity, passion and skill.

Featuring hand-carved hardwood cases to magnify the sound of the chimes, each clock houses a solid German brass movement that is complemented by a brass pendulum, weights and an ornate dial. Each Grandfather clock crafted by Adina is a work of art, and stands out for its sense of tradition, creativity and high quality.

Adina is the Aboriginal word for ‘very good’, and when you purchase one of Adina’s traditionally crafted Grandfather clocks, you can rest assured that ‘very good’ is what you’ll be getting.

With a unique combination of quality, artistry and premium construction, Adina Grandfather clocks are crafted by experts to the highest standards of quality to give you a long-lasting and functional timepiece that will add

a strong sense of story to your home. All of our Grandfather clocks feature superior and dependable technology that will last for a lifetime – and longer.

Your classic and elegant Grandfather clock will be an investment for years to come, and has the potential to become a cherished heirloom, providing your descendants with a tangible link to their heritage and ancestry.

Enjoy browsing through our collection of Grandfather clocks – we hope that you are just as inspired by their time-honoured traditions as we are. We have enjoyed designing and crafting them and we know you’ll enjoy the gracious atmosphere an Adina Grandfather clock will create in your home. And as they are backed by Adina’s impeccable style and quality, you – and your children and grandchildren – will experience the joys of owning your very own Grandfather clock for many years to come.


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