Having your Adina watch engraved is a prodigious way to personalise your favourite timepiece. Whether you’re getting your initials inscribed or a loved one is giving an engraved Adina to you as a romantic gesture, it’s a tradition that is stepped in history and one that is becoming increasingly popular again. It can also, like a tattoo, become something you quickly regret.

The most traditional reason to engrave the case back of your watch is to mark some special occasion or anniversary. Usually including the date and some kind of small message. This could be for a wedding anniversary, a promotion, graduation or years of service milestone with certain company. What ever the reason it all boils down to marking an occasion and establishing sentimental attachment to the watch as a result. Before heading to the engravers, it is worth considering a couple of things. 

Confirm your watch can be engraved.
Certain watch case backs are not ideal for engraving.

Watches with a clear case back or skeleton watches are specially designed to showcase the mechanical watchmaking inside. Engraving these types of watches may disrupt the aesthetic of the piece: the lettering may be seen through the watch or it may obscure the complicated movements behind the inscription. This is usually done with a laser and the result is usually quite subtle. In these instances, an alternative is to engrave the side of the case, the buckle or even the outside of a link instead of the back.

Choose the engraving method.
Having your Adina watch engraved. You will encounter two primary engraving techniques, hand engraving or machine engraving.

A traditional hand engraving will give the lettering a uniquely stylized and antique-looking flair. The deep cuts of hand engraving chip away at the case back’s metal which makes it difficult, if not impossible, to wholly remove—a pro or a con depending on your point of view. 

Machine engraving uses lasers or a diamond tip to mechanically etch in your letters. Machine engraving ensures near-perfect consistent letter spacing. It also gives you more options when it comes to fonts and the amount you able to fit into a certain space.

Pick something meaningful to engrave.
Having your watch engraved is a commitment (albeit, in some instances a non-binding commitment, more on that later), so carefully select what you want to inscribe. We generally recommend sticking with a timeless inscription that still carries sentimental weight; classic engraving options are monograms, initials and important dates. Coats of arms, family crests, poems, quotes or religious text are also time-honoured suggestions.

Paul Newman engraved watch

“Drive carefully- Me” Is engraved on the back of Paul Newmans Rolex. It is note from his wife to be careful on the racetrack. Other notable pieces have turner up over the years including Presidents watches. A beautiful example of this is Franklin D Roosevelt’s. The engraving sentiment is timeless and meaningful.

Franklin D Roosevelt engraved watch

Although it is ultimately a personal decision to engrave or not, we have highlighted the most important points of consideration to help you decide if engraving your watch is the right move for you. Remember to take your time.

A beautiful watch, engraved with something special, can turn a memorable gift into a family heirloom.