Adina nurse’s watches tell stories, here is a beautiful one! A close friend of ours, here at Adina dropped in recently. The visit was for guidance, of what Adina watch to buy for her granddaughter. Nothing interesting in a grandmother wanting to buy her granddaughter a watch I hear you say!

That could not be further from the truth.

Enter the two heroines of our story. The Grandma is a veteran nurse of over 50 years experience. Let’s call her Beverley. Having seen it all from the casualties of the Vietnam War to the troubled minds of the aged dementia patients, she is now so passionate to help. The granddaughter (let’s call her Georgia!) has just started her first round of practical study as student nurse at University. Amidst the greatest domestic medical emergency Australia has ever experienced.

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Georgia wearing her new Adina Nurse Watch NK36 S1FF

The Adina nurse’s watch chosen to celebrate her life milestone is an Adina nurses’ fob watch. The model chosen has been in our collection for 44 years having been first released in 1975. Our founder Bob had been at the hospital to witness the birth of his daughter and noticed (of course) that all the nurses wore a fob watch. Here was an opportunity to create something new.

There was no need to attempt to re-create the wheel. The nurse’s fob watch had been around for decades. It is fundamentally designed according to nurses’ needing to wear a watch to accurately document the time on a patient’s chart and take a patient’s pulse. The unique characteristic is the watch being needed to be worn on the uniform, not strapped to the wrist. See here an excerpt from NHS (UK) dress code:

Wrist watches must not be worn but securely pinned (similar to a fob watch) to the uniform to prevent any hazard to patients.

With the watch needing to be worn on the uniform, and hanging from a pinned short chain, we designed an ‘upside down’ dial with clear numerals and hands, in order to make it easy to be read in the day or at night in low light.

It seemed obvious to Bob to initially use the bright glowing ‘Tritium’ (these days we use ‘Superluminova’) on the hands and numbers for night visibility. He made the cases water resistant, not so the nurse could go swimming in it! But to ensure if the watch was left on her uniform after a long, tough shift and it went through the wash. It would survive.

Recent developments have seen us be the first to incorporate a small piece of bracelet to replace the chain. This is more durable and looks fantastic! We have even started using sapphire glasses for unparalleled scratch resistance, and steel cases for more durability. 

The Adina nurse’s fob watch today, available in two sizes 24mm and 32mm, still holds pride of place in our collection, being the longest continually run model in the range, and having found its way on to countless thousands of our frontline nurses.

Georgia received her new Adina nurse’s watch just prior to starting her prac. The name plate engraved: Georgia. The back of the watch reading, “I am proud of you. Love Grandma”. 

Enough said.

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